Special Services


We have computer controlled heating installations and well-trained personnel for the heating products. We can heat with steam, electricity or hot water, depending on physical and hazard properties of the product and the client’s wishes.

The temperature is continuously logged and monitored in our registration system. Your product is therefore heated in a safe, efficient, controlled manner. The heating installation stops automatically when the desired temperature is reached and that temperature is then maintained until transport. The product can be heated continuously (24 hours per day) if desired.

Custom Clearance

Our facility is custom notified and can store and handle laden tanks if required, thereby eliminating the need for custom clearance at a CFS thus ensuring a faster movement along the supply chain.

We have our own weighbridge situated right at the entry gate so as to weight each tank as soon as they enter the facility


We have our own fleet of dedicated trucks for movement of ISO containers from the port to our facility as well as for offloading at client’s location and pick up of empty back to depot for cleaning/storage/repair as per our client’s requirement.

Security and Surveillance

We have an 8 foot boundary wall with barb wire fencing along the perimeter of our entire facility

Round the clock security personnel present monitoring activities such as gating in of vehicles and containers as well as patrolling the yard.

We have CCTV encompassing every foot of available space under constant supervision of a dedicated security guard inside the IT cabin.